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Vicente Jr. Omictin B.

QA-QC Engineer / Material Engineer at Chapo Bahrain W.L.L
Experience: 19 Years
Location: Al manama , Bahrain

Professional Summary

Nearing nineteen (19) years of extensive engineering experience in which fourteen (14) years of that work experience covers in the Kingdom of Bahrain with over a decade of specializing in project construction supervision and management, QA/QC engineering, and structural designing for various medium and large-scale or high-rise residential / office and commercial building projects. Possessed the ability to prepare structural design and analysis of various concrete structural framing & components for low and high-rise buildings using computer programs. Experienced in QA/QC Engineering field execution with emphasis on inspection, testing and implementation in the field of structural, civil, and architectural. Well versed in all stages of project implementation from substructure to superstructure works, technical report-write-ups, and project documentations. Possessed as well adequate experience in implementing and executing task required in promoting services that will correlate in obtaining common company objectives of providing quality output in all aspects of work. Knowledgeable in computer programs application such as CSI Etabs and Safe, Tekla Structural Designer, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Primavera p6, and Document Management Software – Crestdocs.


  • Dec 2019 - Currently working
    QA-QC Engineer / Material Engineer
    Chapo Bahrain W.L.L
    Al manama, Bahrain

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Perform daily project site quality control supervision ensuring proper construction methods and materials are implemented, inspection of materials delivery, supervise / witness field testing activities conducted by 3rd party Laboratory and coordinates with construction team and consultants for work inspection and meeting about quality issues including closure of non-compliance report, for any revision of drawings and material quality defects.
    • Responsible for reviewing and commenting appointed sub-contractor’s pre-qualification documents, method statement along with inspection test plan (ITP) & risk assessment report, and material approval request submittals prior for official submission to ensure that it’s fully compliance with the Client requirements, scope of work, approved drawing, and related project specifications & standards.
    • In-charge of preparing resolution correspondences for consultant comments of rejected material approval request, method statement, sub-contractor pre-qualification documents, work inspection request, NCR, failed test results and compliance statement comparison specification sheet for the proposed alternative/specified materials that resulted in receiving immediate approved response from the Client representative / consultant.
    • Assist QA/QC Manager in coordinating with the appointed sub-contractors through verbal and written communication for proper documentation and timely submission of material approval request, inspection request, method statement, pre-qualification document submittals, with the construction team for proper execution, closing of quality issues or NCR due to poor workmanship and material quality defects and in liaising with consultant for the urgent approval of the submittals especially for materials with long lead time delivery schedule.
    • Responsible for taking care of QA/QC documents including submittal tracking list register, certificate, test reports, calibration, WIR, NCR, RFI and other QA/QC documents. Assuring all documents relative to project quality control are of the latest status.
  • Mar 2016 - Dec 2019
    Project Manager/Civil Engineer
    Syrconsult International Planners and Consulting Engineers
    Al manama, Bahrain

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Perform the over-all construction supervision and inspection aspect of the project, including a timely progress reporting, supervising of HSE plan implementation, work schedule tracking and revision using Primavera software, coordination with other involved trades, monitoring for closure of work non-conformances, and tracking of statutory & regulatory requirements.
    • Efficiently perform construction administration duties such as review and approval of design calculation, shop drawings, material approval request, monthly interim progress report, method statement, subcontractor prequalification documents, answering technical queries/RFI’s, interpretation of test reports from a 3rd party's laboratory, assessment of project quality and HSE plan, checking of work variation request, bar bending schedule (BBS), detailed material quantity take-off and cost estimate.
    • Overall in-charge of supervision and inspection of all substructures and superstructures construction works and closely coordinating with main contractor and other involved trades of the project in finalizing the construction requirements of MEP services, elevator, garbage chutes, façade cladding and post-tension floor slab system etc. to meet approved quality of work execution.
    • Facilitate written correspondences to notify the respective Contractors regarding the construction scope that would need the concern Authorities inspection or approval in terms of shop drawing and material sample prior to proceed for procurement processes and construction to avoid destructive interferences of concern Authorities if failed to consider.
    • Liaise with the Client Interior Designer representative through verbal and written notification for the final interior design of the building i.e. reflected ceiling plan, furniture layout, kitchen and toilet tiles layout, sanitary wares model etc. that are required for the finalization of MEP provisions.
    • Prepare written notification with appropriate solution to the general contractor and all other involved trades in regard to health and safety nonconformances, design modifications, unacceptable work quality, and work delays for future dispute reference.
    • Review and comment of design calculation from Specialist suppliers i.e. PT slab Contractor and Façade Contractor and shop drawings details for BMU, lift, garbage chutes, and their method statement and material approval request.
    • Prepare reports for nonconformances related to materials, safety violations workmanship and proposed NCR remedial closeout.
    • In-charge in preparing or checking thermal insulation submittals and inspection request application, inquiring building permit application status and facilitate appropriate solution if discrepancy arising out violating the regulations of municipalities, civil defense, EWA and the like.
    • Organize and chair the project progress and technical meetings with Client, main contractor and all onboarded subcontractors’ representatives.
  • Feb 2014 - Feb 2016
    Senior Site Engineer
    EAMCO Company W.L.L / Eastern Precast (EPC)
    Al manama, Bahrain

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Manage and supervise solely the entire site operation of precast elements (column, beam, shear wall, stairs, footing and slab) and hollow core slab (HCS) during erection, leveling and alignment, grouting or concreting activities, any rectification works, and delivery schedule and safety implementation. Monitor closely the connection details and the materials associated with it and tolerances to ensure that it is according to the IFC precast plans, and within the specified tolerable limit for any adjustment in accordance with site condition.
    • Prepare realistic weekly erection schedule in a sequential manner to avoid delays due to offloading of wrong delivered precast members and weekly erection report for progress monitoring.
    • Responsible for checking certified lifting gear and appliances to ensure that it can bear above the weight load of the precast elements scheduled to install and request regular check-up from 3rd party organization to ensure it is safe to use.
    • Prepare non-conformity report for precast elements and hollow cores slab that delivered with production errors, design, damages, and erection mistakes. Coordinates with the respective in-charge personnel for the remedial measures and preventive actions.
    • Implement quality workmanship during leveling, aligning, and strengthening / grouting procedures of erected panels using approved non-shrink structural grout to ensure required stability and designed strength at base joints connections are attained.
    • Implement zero tolerance policy with regards to the safety compliance of the workers most especially during erection works which is so destructive in nature if accident happens. Conduct a daily toolbox meeting.

  • Mar 2012 - Feb 2014
    QA/QC Engineer
    Poullaides Construction Company (PCC)
    Al manama, Bahrain

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Perform daily overall quality control, supervision and implementation of project quality plan; resolution of non-conformance work; and ensuring that the project is inspected and tested in accordance with approved quality control procedures/method statement, inspection and test plans (ITP’s) and relevant codes and standards.
    • Assist and coordinates with the Project Consultant and QA/QC inspectors for inspection and meeting about quality issues including closure of non-conformance report, and for any changes of the design and quality plan,
    • Responsible for closure of non-conformance report (NCR) related to material defects and poor workmanship and monitor approved corrective response until closeout.
    • Responsible for taking care of QA/QC documents of the entire project including test results and certificates, calibration, inspection requests, non-conformance reports and instructions and other related QA/QC documents. Assure all technical documents relative to project quality control are of the latest status.
    • Review and comment on submittals, including test results, method statements, materials specifications and alternative proposals submitted by appointed sub-contractors.
    • Inspect the on-site and off-site materials to be used in the project, organize/witness field and laboratory testing activities conducted by 3rd Party Lab. on construction materials to ascertain their compliance with the project specifications, relevant Ministry/International codes and standards.
  • Apr 2007 - Dec 2011
    Structural Detailing Engineer
    A.E. Al Nooh & Sons Company W.L.L
    Al manama, Bahrain

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Supervise and monitor the implementation of all rebar fixing works to ensure that it was carried out in accordance with the approved Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) and shop drawings.
    • Prepare high quality and accurate Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) of the project using AutoCAD Structural Detailing software in accordance with the approved plan, specifications, and standards (ACI & BS Codes) with corresponding shop drawing for site reference during installation.
    • Interpret contract drawings to produce shop drawings and production bar lists in a manner that will minimize waste or shortage and maximize timely delivery and customer satisfaction.
    • Prepare realistic production and delivery schedule for cut and bend reinforcing bars that could meet accordingly with the project schedule.
    • Respond appropriately to field requests for detailing errors, construction errors and design changes in a manner that will enhance customer satisfaction while protecting the company’s profitability and reputation.
    • Prepare detailed estimates of the total quantity of reinforcing bar for the company’s prospective project to quote or bid.
    • Perform value engineering design of the awarded project as per Client’s request to verify if there is a possibility to lower the number of designed reinforcements of a particular structure.


  • Mar 2002
    Bachelor's - Civil Engineering
    Al manama, Bahrain
    Grade/GPA: B


    Master’s Degree : Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM) candidate; anticipated completion October 2021. Polytechnic University of the Philippines, under Open University Program / Institute of Non-Traditional Study Program and ETEEAP

    Graduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Graduated March 2002 At Misamis University (MU), Aguada Extension, Ozamis City, Philippines; Registered Licensed Civil/Structural Engineer; Registered Master Plumber (RMP)


  • Al Sahel Hotel and Resort  (Professional)
    Dec 2019 - Currently working
    As QA-QC Engineer / Material Engineer - Chapo Bahrain W.L.L , Al manama, Bahrain
  • 47-storey S-Plaza Tower, 37-storey Era View and 30-storey ERA-58 Office Tower  (Professional)
    Mar 2016 - Dec 2019
    As Project Manager/Civil Engineer - Syrconsult International Planners and Consulting Engineers , Al manama, Bahrain
  • Al Hedaya Plaza (10th Storey Car Park & 15th - storey Office and Commercial Bldg.)  (Professional)
    Feb 2014 - Feb 2016
    As Senior Site Engineer - EAMCO Company W.L.L / Eastern Precast (EPC), Al manama, Bahrain
  • Muharraq Sewerage Treatment Plant and Sewer Conveyance System System  (Professional)
    Mar 2012 - Feb 2014
    As QA/QC Engineer - Poullaides Construction Company (PCC) , Al manama, Bahrain
  • Various Projects (Professional)
    Apr 2007 - Dec 2011
    As Structural Detailing Engineer - A.E. Al Nooh & Sons Company W.L.L, Al manama, Bahrain


  • English
    (Fluent - Wide Knowledge)